Full Care Board

Arnold's offers full car board to all breeds which includes:

  • Daily Stall Cleaning

  • Turn Out

  • Twice Daily Feeding

  • Quality Feed, your choice of Alfalfa and/or Grass

  • Owner provided supplement administration

  • Unlimited supply of water

  • Access to Salt Lick/Mineral Lick

Our 20 acre farm gives our boarder access to our:

  • Round Pen

  • Large Outdoor arena

  • Hot/cold Wash Rack

  • Washer & Dryer




We offer basic horsemanship to all students.  Whether your are just getting started or you are looking to enhance your skill. Whether it be riding experience on the unique gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse or your own horse.

We teach both English an western disciplines. Each students learns to groom and tack up the horse and untack at the end of their lesson. Students will advance through the various stages of riding as their instructor sees fit. Every lesson is tailored to the individual student. All levels are welcome, beginner to advanced. 


Have your own horse? We would love to help your partnership grow! 


All lessons need to be scheduled in advance and please remember, considerable time goes into planning lessons with instructors, paying instructors and reserving horses for riders, therefore it is the responsibility of the rider to come to lessons and be on time. If you need to cancel please give 24 hours notice.


Gift Certificates

Would you like to give the gift of riding to someone special?

We can do a gift certificate for one or many lessons, just let us know.